Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging live in Pewsey area

wiltshire_pnn_policeWiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging live in Pewsey area

People in the Pewsey area can now sign up for free messages – by email, text and voicemail – about policing and crime matters in their neighbourhood by joining Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging.

Wiltshire Police, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Wiltshire and Swindon, Angus Macpherson and Wiltshire & Swindon Neighbourhood Watch Association have initially launched this new two way communications tool which you can sign up to at www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk.

Pewsey is one of four neighbourhood policing areas going live on Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging. The others are Malmesbury, Swindon West and Warminster.

People who live or work outside these areas can still sign up and they will receive messages as and when their area neighbourhood policing team starts to use Community Messaging.

PCC Angus Macpherson, who is commissioning this new initiative, said: “Both myself and Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Pat Geenty are committed to involving communities in the prevention and reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour, in line with priorities in my Police and Crime Plan and the Force Delivery Plan.

“Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging is an exciting new system allowing the police to send emails, texts and voicemail messages to those signed up. It means we will be able to share information quickly and efficiently with our communities, including Neighbourhood Watch coordinators and members.”

People signed up via www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk will be able to receive messages about policing and crime matters in their area, such as community policing news and events, appeals for information and crime prevention advice.

They will also be able to reply to messages, feeding back information to their local neighbourhood officers to help them in policing their local area.

Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Pat Geenty said: “This is additional tool with lots of potential for us to use to engage, inform and involve our communities in policing and crime matters. This is in line with our ethos to see pro-active, preventative policing becoming a permanent feature within Wiltshire Police and involving communities and more volunteers in policing and crime related issues.”

The Office of the PCC, Wiltshire Police and Wilshire & Swindon Neighbourhood Watch Association have been working together to set up Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging. It is part of a national system called Neighbourhood Alert, which is used by national Neighbourhood Watch and 12 other police forces.

Wiltshire & Swindon Neighbourhood Watch Association Chairman Gwyn Comley said: “We are really looking forward to using this new messaging system, which will mean we have a central database of our coordinators and members. During the sign up process, people are also asked if they wish to be part of or start a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme and I would encourage people to do so. The aim of Neighbourhood Watch is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.”

Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging is being commissioned by the PCC in line with his priorities in the Police and Crime Plan and his commitment to involving partners, communities and volunteers in the reduction and prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Joining Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging is quick, simple and free. There are no contracts, costs or obligations of any kind for anyone who signs up.

To join Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging or to find out more visit www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk

Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging will NOT be monitored 24 hours a day. People should always call 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency.

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What is the future for NHS services in Wiltshire?

What is the future for NHS services in Wiltshire?

Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group is led by local GPs. We plan and pay for the majority of NHS services that you use across the county. Over the next five years, we know that demand for NHS services in Wiltshire will continue to increase but the money we have available to spend on these services will not increase at the same rate.

Modern advances in healthcare are helping people to live for longer than ever before which is a cause for celebration. However, this does mean that the demand for NHS services from the over-65s is expected to increase significantly over the coming years. As a result, the CCG needs to adapt the way we provide NHS services so that they better meet the needs of our ageing population.

How will we meet this challenge?

The CCG has developed a Five Year Plan to enable us to respond to this challenge. Our plan sets out how we can continue to provide high quality but affordable health services in Wiltshire between now and 2019. We won’t be doing it alone either. Our key partners like Wiltshire Council, GP surgeries, local hospitals and other NHS providers are vital to the success of the plan.

It will mean some major changes to the shape of health care services in Wiltshire. Our vision is that health and social care services should support and sustain independent living and as the organisation responsible for designing and commissioning those services, we are keen to make them both affordable and the best possible for local people.

Our model for the future of health care in Wiltshire is based on three key principles:

1. Encourage and support Wiltshire residents to take on more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing

2. Provide fair access to a high quality and affordable system of care for the greatest number of people

3. Provide less care in hospitals and more care at home or in the community

To achieve these aims we will need to change the way in which we spend our budget. We will:

1. Spend more money on health education and prevention to help people take more personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing

2. Spend more money to improve community care and increase the range of services provided in a local setting

3. As a result, we would need to spend proportionately less money on providing bed-based care in hospital

We are going to split Wiltshire up into 20 clusters of approximately 20,000 people. Each cluster will have an integrated team of GP surgeries, community nurses and therapists together with social worker support which will work together to ensure that we have a more joined up system of health and social care.

How can you get more involved?

The CCG has already been carrying out a wide-ranging consultation about our Five Year Plan across the county and this has included public meetings, outreach events, and presentations to a variety of organisations. You may have been involved in one of these events?

Over the next few months the CCG will be giving presentations at the 18 Area Boards across the county. Each Area Board is planning a health fair with lots of different stalls for you to visit followed by presentations from the CCG and Wiltshire Council about our plans for improving health and social care. To find out the date of the Health Fair in your area please visit www.wiltshire.gov.uk/council/areaboards/healthfairs

We hope you can join us for your local Area Board Health Fair but if you are not able to attend then you can find out more about the CCG’s plans at www.wiltshireccg.nhs.uk

If you’d like to talk to someone at the CCG then you can email WCCG.info@nhs.net or call 01380 728899


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With over 50 stalls, sizzling street food and the buzz of live cooking demonstrations, this year’s Hungerford Food Festival 11am – 3.30pm Sunday 5 October promises to be another inspiring celebration of local and seasonal fayre.

Local and award-winning food and drink producers will offer a tempting array of fresh produce, local meat & game, pies, beer, cider and wine, rapeseed oil, apple juice, honey, mushrooms, cakes, artisan bread and preserves with many offering free tasters and samples.

Come and learn top cooking tips from Gert Pienaar, Head Chef of The Walmesley Restaurant, make vegetable sculptures and experience Slow Food’s Taste Adventure. You can also enter your own homemade baked delights, preserves and beverages in the HFF Cookery Competition. All competitions details and entry forms can be found on www.hungerfordfoodfestival.com

This year’s food festival is kindly sponsored by Doves Farm, Audley Inglewood and Newbury Building Society.

Entry only £1 for adults (children free).

To see videos made by Dudleigh Films from last year’s festival (which came third in The Telegraph’s national Bring Home the Harvest competition) see www.hungerfordfoodfestival.com

For more information please contact 01488 648534 or hungerfordfoodfestival@gmail.com

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Hedges, Verges and Ditches.

hedge and ditchHedges, Verges and Ditches.

The Parish Council would like to remind all villagers about their responsibility for hedges, verges and ditches on their property.

Please keep all hedges and verges cut and trimmed so that they do not overgrow onto the roads and paths.

It is also vitally important to keep ditches clear to avoid flooding.

Always dispose of garden waste responsibly, please do not throw it in nearby hedges or leave it in the village lay-bys .

Thank you

Stanton St Bernard Parish Council

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The Church Roof Appeal update

Roof appeal 1I took a picture of this in the Church the other day. Aubrey’s rather smart board is showing that we are up to £36,000. Well done everybody but we still have some way to go!

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Night time road closure at Fyfield on 4th/5th September

Roadworks2-300x225Temporary Closure of: A4 Bath Road (Part), Fyfield (Ref: TTRO 3561)

Notice is hereby given that the Wiltshire Council has made an Order to close temporarily to all traffic: A4 Bath Road (Part), Fyfield; from its junction with C38 Lockeridge, in an easterly direction for a distance of approximately 680m, and in a westerly direction for a distance of approximately 50m To enable: Wiltshire Council to carry out full width carriageway patching and associated works. Alternative route: Via A4 (unaffected length) – A361 – A342 – C351 Pewsey Road / Rushall Road – A345 – A4 (unaffected length) and vice versa. The closure and diversion route will be clearly indicated by traffic signs.
This Order will come into operation on 4th September 2014 for two nights between 19:00 and 06:00. It is anticipated that the works will take the stated duration to complete depending upon weather conditions. The Order will have a maximum duration of 18 months. Access will be maintained for residents and businesses, although delays are likely due to the nature of the works.
For further information regarding these works please contact Balfour Beatty Living Places on 01249 468582 (office hours) or 07900715776 (non-office hours/duty manager).



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