Church Roof Repair Appeal


roof repair 1This is just a quick follow up e-mail regarding the Fundraising for the Church Roof.

Following the presentation evening and the letters we sent around to everyone in the village, 4 ‘new’ monthly donations have been received, existing monthly donors have increased their giving and there have also been some one off donations. All told, so far we have seen an increase of c£2,000 per year (or £10,000 over 5 years.) A marvellous start.

Of course, that still leaves £45,000 of our five year target remaining (!) so if any one else would like to donate on a monthly basis to the Church in Stanton the Standing Order form is attached. To those people who have already responded we will be contacting you personally in due course with our sincere thanks.

PLEASE REMEMBER – you can choose to donate to just the ‘Church Fabric Fund’ which means that your donation will only be spent on the upkeep of the church building – nowhere else – the funds will be ‘ring fenced’ for this purpose only.

We do recognise how busy everyone is, but we would be very grateful if you could give this your serious consideration over the next month. We have a PCC meeting on 6th July and we will need to review our progress at that point. We understand that there are numerous calls on everyone’s charitable giving, but we also recognise that the overwhelming mood at the meeting in April and in the village as a whole is that the Church in Stanton is a tremendous asset to village life and should be kept going.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above please contact anyone on the PCC committee.

Many thanks Rob Lindeman (PCC Treasurer) (on behalf of the PCC Committee – Jacky Read, Vanessa Gist, Robin Schneider, Hilary Roots, Aubrey Newman)

(Note: If you do not wish to receive any further emails about the progress of our fundraising, please do just let any of us know.)

Vanessa Gist (tel 851239 email Rob Lindeman (tel 851740 email, Aubrey Newman (tel 852246 email Jacky Read, (tel 851326 email Robin Schneider (tel 851362 email: robin.s@schneider­